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TANYA Herbal Hookah Molasses
Free Tobacco! Free Nicotine!
We are proud to introduce you the most delicious herbal hookah molasses with the top quality under the brand of TANYA. 
TANYA herbal hookah molasses has been successful as a phenomenon in hookah culture in the world. TANYA herbal hookah molasses is the only brand that has the most delicious and top quality content with free nicotine and free tobacco. 
TANYA herbal hookah molasses, offers the same taste and pleasure as you have in hookah. However it never makes mucus, headache, throat ache or any addiction when you compared to any other product that includes nicotine. Addition to that, we offer you a product with more smoke and less effort. There is no tobacco, nicotine,tar, arsenic or lead that causes to cancer in its content. 
Since 1996, we have tested and had the hookah tobacco of many brands in the world. TANYA Herbal Hookah Molasses is not made with tobacco, but when compared with tobacco products, you can easily understand that Tanya herbal hookah molasses provide high concentration of smoke and flavor. As Tanya Hookah Molasses; we try to prevent the serious danger of tobacco products reaching dimensions that may threaten human health. We do not recommend that you consume tobacco products that contain a high amount of nicotine, tar, arsenic, chromium and lead, and which adversely affect human health.
Within the framework of all these factors, our product, which was developed with a high engineering experience in order to maintain the hookah culture completely harmless to human health and to eliminate the harmful factors caused by tobacco products, has announced the name of TANYA Herbal Hookah Molasses to the world in a very short time.
With your support to more healthy and enjoyable days ...