Herbal Hookah Molasses
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TANYA Herbal Hookah Molasses

TANYA Herbal Hookah Molasses

Exclusive Herbal Hookah Molasses Brand of TURKEY & WORLD

2 Hours Super Perfonmans

With over 125 flavors, we have the taste of your dream!

We Are Always Together With You!

Since 1996, we are giving the world the flavor of smoke!

Hookah is your pleasure; Taste is our business!

Excellent Flavor Taste and Quality You Are Looking For Is Here!

 1st Class Premium Herbal Hookah Molasses.

 Headache, phlegm, throat burning, addictive.

 Smoke is soft, very dense and sweet.

 Each product you drink has its own unique,

unique taste.

Tanya Herbal Shisha, a tobacco-free,

nicotine-free alternative in hookah smoking.

Features all your favorite flavors from

the traditional hookah tobacco line to new ones.

Made with only the finest organic fruits,

herbs and flavoring available for your enjoyment

TANYA Herbal Hookah Molasses "Excellent Flavor Taste and Quality"► 1st Class Premium Herbal Hookah Molasses.► There are more than 100 kinds of flavors.► No Headache, No phlegm, No throat burning, No addictive.► Smoke is soft, very dense and sweet.► Each product you drink has its own unique,&nbs..
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